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Laws and Guides

Understanding laws, regulations, rights and responsibilities is an important element of being a member of society.

Online & Digital

With the digital age it is important to know how to use computers and info-tech equipment.

Being Special

To feel a part of wider society is the most important element of our general well-being.

Living our DREAMS

Our aspirations, hopes and wishes make for a well rounded life.

Diverse Community Empowerment Services

DCES strives to empower service users, to fully engage them. We believe the rhetoric and deliberations should be as transparent, inclusive and available as is legally and morally viable.

DCES challenges the status quo through understanding and sharing knowledge of universal rights and responsibilities.

The DCES way: striving to help service users to have their voices heard.

To create a cohesive society, that promotes acceptance and understanding of others, through promoting social inclusion and equal opportunities, whilst empowering and enlightening society for more equal and fairer outcomes.

DCES's Focus

Aims to promote and advocate for an inclusive, cohesive and fairer society which embraces the concepts and principles of diversity, equality and tolerance. The organisation shall be a channel for dialog with society as a stakeholder by providing resources and conducting positive activities and projects.

The "in" tray

Contributing and engaging in wider society

When people from all walks of life participate confidently
in the decision making process and in discussions then
the wealth and vibrancy of communities collectively work to create a more resilient society.

Fun Community Activities.

Engaging in field-trips and group activities can improve "Well-Being" while strengthening bonds between members of society.

Dialogue and Advocacy.

When all stake-holders share platforms and arenas of discussion.


A shared vision collectively addressed is easier to reach.
Together and with our different strengths we achieve more.

Have a question or need assistance?

If we can be of help or questions we can address, please contact us.